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There was a question to buy the battery to the car. Hi. Car battery device. Here on the website you can choose and buy a powerful battery. Find out what battery will be for your car best friend and assistant. Just two minutes, in the online order specify which battery you prefer, enter your contact details. Addresses of battery stores. The battery will be brought to the specified address and handed over personally. Seasonal discounts now, use it.

Types of accumulators

The battery pack is for the car electric current, energy source. And if the car is muted, the battery powers up the alarm system. With it, the system of autorun of the machine also works. What battery to buy. Batteries sells a variety of chemical compositions of the used electrolyte, such as acid and alkali. In this regard, the batteries, which are: alkaline and acidic. Features of alkaline battery that they have in the same batteries is Nickel-cadmium, a positive charge, and Nickel-iron — negative. Which battery is better. When reactions occur in alkaline battery electrolyte topping is not necessary, there is no consumption.

There are a number of advantages of alkaline batteries over acidic: a fully discharged battery is rechargeable, neither does it worsen its characteristics, in addition, it is well kept easily withstands overcharging, it is better to make a short-term recharge than recharging works well at low temperatures, it is easy to start the engine in winter, not a unit of mass accumulates more energy, the current is issued longer independently discharged such batteries are much less likely to emit toxic fumes. Buy battery pack online store. Rechargeable acid batteries have a voltage 1.4 times higher than that of alkaline batteries. The lowest self-discharge among the batteries. Large discharge. In General, in comparison with alkaline and cofficient-useful actions above, and the energy output, and the price is considerably wins. Acid battery chargers are cheaper. Maintenance is cheaper because the electrolyte is not consumed, no need to add. VARTA battery. When an acid battery is charged, no toxic fumes are released. Lithium-ion batteries are the most promising of the batteries. Lithium, phosphate and iron are part of the positively charged plates. Quite cheap environmentally friendly and less toxic material. A number of advantages modern lithium battery: energy per unit mass accumulates quite a large amount of energy is powerful, supports high voltage up to 4 volts, a single item self-discharge, low. Online store batteries. Having considered the advantages of batteries, view the scheme online order.

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  5. The courier will quickly deliver the order to the destination
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How to buy a battery?

It's time to buy a new battery. Choose and specify in the application, be sure to specify the number. Incidentally, current discounts, use. Another minute of your time, enter your personal contact information and phone number is required for a callback. Brands of batteries for cars. AKB specialist will dial your number to confirm and clarify the order. Courier will deliver the purchase in person, within the specified period. The machine is just a beast, with a new battery!

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